Clinical Trial Units

University Hospital Districts' Clinical Trial Units

The University Hospitals' clinical research administration has been organized into separate research units, University Hospital District Clinical Trial Units (CTU). These units provide both the expertise and the infrastructure for the promotion and organisation of high-quality clinical academic and sponsored trials including  clinical research projects administration and budgeting. Also negotiations for Clinical Trial Agreements and Contracts are taken care through CTU.  Their services include support and counseling related to the practical operations of clinical research in compliance with the law, and regulations. All necessary additional study contracts between Hospital Districts’ public utilities or private service providers relating to the services needed in study, such as laboratory, pharmacy, imaging, or other investigational services are also taken care by CTU's personnel.

In most cases the separate agreements or employment contracts with Clinical Trial Units are signed by the Principal Investigator and other investigators for the administration of investigator’s fee. It's payable as a salary in trials administered by FinnMedi Oy and Clinical Research Institute HUCH. For trials administered by other Clinical Trial Units, trials fees are generally paid to the investigators and study personnel as normal additional salaries to compensate and cover overtime. These procedures vary depending on the Hospital District in question. A typical administrative fee for clinical trial administration is 15% which is generally added to the study budget costs and invoicing.