Other Research Networks or Institutions

There are several research networks or Institutions in Finland that are specialized in certain study subject populations (e.g. children) or in specific topics (including biological data).

University of Tampere Vaccine Research Center - Vaccine Research Clinics

University of Tampere Vaccine Research Center is a clinical research unit operating within the University of Tampere Medical School. It carries out clinical trials of vaccines in co-operation with the pharmaceutical industry, main speciality being viral vaccines in children. Vaccine Research Center was formally established in 2004. However, vaccine trials have been carried out in Tampere since 1979, and in accordance with Good Clinical Practice (GCP) since 1991. The Center currently operates a network of 12 regional vaccine research clinics. The network of clinics enables the Center to carry out extensive national trials and contribute strongly to large multinational studies.

National Institute for Health and Welfare, Department of Vaccination and Immune Protection, Clinical Research Unit

The Clinical Research Unit is in charge of the practical conduct of clinical trials of the Department of Vaccination and Immune Protection. It is responsible for carrying out domestic clinical trials in human subjects, for assessing the burden of vaccine-preventable diseases (observational studies), for performing intervention studies to decrease disease burden (vaccine trials), and for maintaining expertise concerning clinical research ethics, permission procedures, and quality standards.

Biocenter Finland

Biocenter Finland is an umbrella organization of biocenters in six Finnish Universities (Helsinki, Kuopio, Oulu, Tampere, Turku, and the Åbo Akademi). Finnish biocenters represent new types of multidisciplinary research organizations bringing together life scientists and biomedical researchers working in universities, research institutions, hospitals, and industry. Technology services are provided by Biocenter Finland infrastructure.

BBMRI (Biobanking and Biomolecular Resources Research Infrastructure) Finland     

BBMRI was one of the first European Research Infrastructure projects funded by the European Commission (EC). BBMRI will form an interface between specimens and data (from patients and European populations) and top-level biological and medical research. This can only be achieved through a distributed research infrastructure with operational units in all participating Member States. BBMRI Finland was established in 2010. The main objectives of  BBMRI Finland are promotion and implementation of collaboration between Finnish biobanks, linking of Finnish biobanks to European BBMRI network, and contributing to the scientific excellence of Finland and Europe.

FINPEDMED - Finnish Investigators Network for Paediatric Medicines

FINPEDMED was established at the beginning of 2007 in joint collaboration with Finland's five University Hospitals and their paediatric clinics. The network operates on a non-profit basis and aims to improve both academic and sponsored paediatric clinical trials for the benefit of children's health. The network facilitates the recruitment of experts and investigators to work as specialists in trials supported by industry or other funding.