Access to Archived Documents and Archiving Costs

Access and use of documents and information

Archive personnel may release documents from the archive for reviewing and taking notes at the archive facility or release them (on a short term basis) from the archive but only when the Person in Charge has authorized the release of the documents to the designated person in writing. Documents or the information they contain will not be released to anyone without separate, appropriate authorization.

Archiving costs

The cost for storing trial documentation is based on shelf meters used per year (i.e. charge for each starting shelf meter) and quite often a minimum annual charge (e.g. cost of one shelf meter) is included. For an archiving agreement starting in the middle of the year, the shelf meter cost can be negotiated and priced per month. The total archiving cost is charged as a one-time payment for the whole archiving period (15 years) when the documents are transferred to the archive right after study termination.