Recruitment of Research Subjects

Study subjects for clinical trials are usually recruited either by newspaper advertisements or through the patient’s existing health care contact with the attending physician. Inquiries on recruitment methods can also be addressed to University Hospital Clinical Trial Units and they will forward requests within their own hospital district. Finland is also known for quite active patient organizations. These so called third sector organizations for example Finnish Heart Association, Finnish Coeliac Society, Finnish Diabetes Association or Allergy and Asthma Federation can also be used to assist recruitment process.

Study subject recruitment methods and templates of any planned advertisements must be pre-evaluated by the Ethics Committee as part of the study submission package. The Ethics Committee issues opinion on study subject recruitment based on the following information: how potential research subjects will be informed, what procedures will be used to obtain informed consent, scientific rationale in cases where potential research subjects are unable to give informed consent, and the detailed procedure which has been planned for study subject selection.