Remuneration and Reimbursement of Study Subjects

Remuneration of Study Subjects

Participation to clinical trials for study subjects is voluntary and conducted without payment but it should also be free of charge. Therefore, no payment is made to study subject, to their guardians or to their legal representative for participating into the clinical trial.As an exception, compensation can be paid to healthy volunteers for participating to Phase I studies

The actual travel expenses must be reimbursed by the sponsor and loss of earnings can be remunerated. If the research subject cancels participation in the research before it has been concluded, the person must be reimbursed the actual travel costs and loss of earnings incurred up to that date. Other possible costs for participating must also be covered by the sponsor. These other costs may include hotel expenses (if participation requires long distance travelling and / or staying near the hospital for more than one day), meal coupons (e.g. if study protocol includes fasting blood samples), and extra transportation costs such as taxi fares (e.g. if participation requires separate laboratory or imaging services or any other type of external services not available at the study unit).